COVID-19 Educational Series

EHSI provides this unique opportunity for small businesses to learn how to protect their workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and comply with state and federal regulations. As part of this program, EHSI has links to recordings of our COVID-19 series of webinars that were developed in partnership with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries to help employers improve their knowledge regarding several aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic with the ultimate goal of helping employers protect their workers. Training provided by Shonnessy Gilmore, MPH, CIH, CSP, is designed to help a variety of businesses across Washington state navigate COVID-19 health and safety.


COVID-19 Education Blog

Recordings of Webinars

Webinar 1: Workplace Basics for Indoor Spaces

Webinar 2: Workplace Basics for Outdoor Spaces

Webinar 3: The Right Mask for the Job

Webinar 4: Ventilation, Barriers, and Engineering

Webinar 5: Navigating Safety Resources and Problem-Solving

Webinar 6: COVID-19 Virus Update