EHS-International, Inc. (EHSI) is an environmental consulting and industrial hygiene services firm serving the greater Seattle area, Pacific Northwest (EPA Region 10), and federal facilities nationwide. We are a recognized leader in environmental assessments and remediation, hazardous materials management and abatement design (lead, asbestos, PCBs, and RCRA 8 metals), indoor air quality, and construction management services. EHSI provides expert industrial hygiene services including job hazard analysis, worker health and safety plans (HASP), AHERA awareness training, and worker exposure monitoring. The firm specializes in indoor air quality consulting and LEED® IEQ credits certification testing.

EHSI performs many environmental services for commercial real estate property transactions including due diligence, Phase I, II, III Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), hazardous building materials assessment, “Good Faith Surveys,” remediation, underground storage tank (UST) assessment and closure, Brownsfields assessment, and property redevelopment.